The making of ‘Decent Cycles’

Owner Greg FauthBecause of my tool making background and my interests in old English motorcycles, over the years I’ve been asked to complete projects based around English bikes. I also have a degree in Art from Wayne State University, interest in blacksmithing, old machinery, and design.

My first projects tended to be heavily involved in custom bracket making. I also began solving problems for friends who were building one off motorcycles, riding and breaking them, and repeating the process.

After doing extensive work on a friend’s motorcycle I was given, in lieu of money, a broken down1968 BSA. That bike came to life with the help of fellow friends and enthusiasts. That bike led to more bikes, always non-functional. As these bikes came to life, more inoperable bikes came into my possession. These decrepit machines continued to be pushed upon someone who would rescue them. Sometimes this took many hours of work, beyond all relation to the market value. As time went on, these machines became worth what was put into them.

As the 1990’s came along, my collection of broken and fixed up bikes became an avocation. I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time for learning and practicing the job of restoring decrepit bikes.

I have done full restorations bringing bikes back to their stock configuration and I have also built custom bikes with the motivation of recreating a new bike. I never set out to make a Bobber or a Chopper, but I have rebuilt some bikes that could be called so. The motivation was designing a bike that could be used and would look the part of its new life. Sometimes a stock bike is just not worth its salt, sometimes a stock bike should not be changed – the difference is knowing when and how to change the original with the idea of making it better suited to its new purpose.

Decent Cycles focuses on evaluating its owner’s needs, then getting the bikes to work, so they can be driven. Together we balance the cost, the design and the build as part of the service offered. I will work to your requirements and directions. I value my customer’s opinions, because each completed bike always leads me to the next bike I will complete. I have my own inventory which I utilize to develop products, ideas, and solutions. You can be the benefactor of these evolving ideas and use them as you like - you are the customer.

I add a designed flair to the bikes that I own, restore, and later sell, always working with the purpose of improving the value of the machine. The ultimate compliment to a bike that I have finished is the comment, “I used to have one just like that”. The changes I make honor the original design and complement its original concept. Sometimes this leads to a bike that has many more hours of work than is apparent at first glance. I build a bike as if it was my own, and then I find someone who fits that bike. Then I build another, one bike at a time.

As time has gone on, I have applied my abilities to build kits for the do-it-yourselfer to make the job of getting these bikes to function properly in a very reasonably priced fashion. I have also spent some time custom building parts that are not reproduced. These parts are quality built, for people who actually ride their bikes. If the part doesn’t solve a problem, then it’s not found in my inventory.

Decent Cycles is a company that first focuses on getting your bike to function to the point that important decisions can be made regarding how its form will then fit that function. We don’t try to outdo the original look and intention of the stock design, unless that design has major flaws or design deficiencies that need correcting. It’s all about the approach to the machine and its user, one bike at a time.


‘Decent Cycles is a company that first focuses on getting your bike to function to the point that important decisions can be made regarding how its form will then fit that function.’