BSA 1972 Lightning SOLD 11-20-12

PICT0014_edited-1Bike designed and built by Decent Cycles.  This is one of a pair of bikes; the second is a 1971 BSA Thunderbolt.  It was intended that these bikes be sold as a pair; they look very similar as you can see. . As seen in the month of May 2009 Brit Bike Calendar. Now with new paint work.

I bought this bike running, (13,500 miles) I carefully checked it out, and found the motor and transmission to be solid. Uses no oil and has 150 lbs of compression on both sides.  The clutch friction plates and the clutch center cush drive have been renewed.  A new duplex primary chain has been fitted. New drive chain as well.  The carburetors were pulled and all new jets fitted internally; also sleeved by Bruce Chessel (Triton Engineering).  New hand-made nylon-lined throttle cables were fitted. I also added an SRM oil pressure relief valve. New air filters and rubber air intake tubes. The frame has the original black paint; it has been touched up, as it did not need to be completely torn down and recoated.  The side covers were painted with black wrinkle paint.  The wheels were as stock, polished hubs, spokes and rims decent; again, not worth ripping down and replacing. Front rim has no blemishes and the back rim has a few spots from an old style battery over charging. The new battery is an AGM type no more problems.

Brand new cloth wrapped main and headlight wiring harnesses, which runs the Podtronics regulator, ISO mounted.  All connections made with professional crimper and are heat shrunk for strain relief.  A Boyer ignition system is installed, with new 6 volt coils and a new key switch. A new halogen light bulb has been fitted to the headlight.  The horn and headlight are operated by relays made for me by Eastern Beaver Co. unseen under the tank. Tail light is LED type bulb, made for positive ground electrical systems.  The system uses real motorcycle duty relays. These take the amperage strain off the handle bar switches and provide a direct fused link to the battery. The horn is loud and the light is bright.  The wire color codes on this system are correct for positive ground.  The stock tachometer and speedometer work; the cables have been renewed.

A set of gage brackets by Triples Rule have been C&C machined and mounted up on this bike and I have added some speed fill holes to the top Bolts for easy fork oil changes.

New fork leg stanchions with new leak proof seals, new phenolic dampener seals, and good BSA gators installed. New progressively wound springs.  Black plastic pipe has been cut, fitted, and polished and put on the upper fork tubes between the triple trees to provide an easy to maintain blacked out look. A Norton type oil filter has been added, all plumbing is done with auto transmission line. New super bike handlebars, all the hardware has been renewed for handlebar mounting.
Clutch and brake cables are handmade and nylon lined.  All the rubber items on the bike have been replaced.  

The gas tank is a European version (4 ½ gallon) that has been modified to accept the old style “Gold Star” type badges.  Ross Thomson (metal smith) did this work for me.  Custom paint work was done to bring out the look of the badges. As you can see by the pictures, you now have the look of a European bike and the black side covers minimize the gap between the seat and the fender, so prominent on these models.  

Much attention to details in the suspension and setup has led to this bike being ready to handle well.  The tires used are Avon road runner 90/90-19 up front, and a Continental 400/18 rear.  They seem to work well together. The front brake is just great new liners and the cable see to that.

If you have no one to ship.I have a good shipper I use who will ship these bikes in the lower 48 for 550.00

He runs three trucks all the time and does motorcycles as a main business. The 550.00 is in addition to the price of the bike of course and the charge can be less if you are closer to Michigan.