Yamaha 1977 XT Sold this summer

1977-X-T-Enduro_edited-1There are 5,400 original miles on this bike. Some modifications have been made.

White Brothers exhaust with a Super Trapp muffler, it's re-jetted for the air box mods as well as a K&N air filter and one inch screened holes have been added to the air box.

Also comes with the heavy original muffler and pipe and brackets, shields if you want them.

New drive chain and front sprocket fitted - it's a 17 tooth (two teeth bigger than stock).

IRC 80/20 tires work well on the street, OK in the dirt.

All the stock rubber bits are on and good. Have the Tommy bar for the front axle and some of the original blinkers. Oil and filter have been replaced.
Some of the fasteners and body parts have a little surface rust, but from 10 feet, the bike looks good. Its main feature is that it starts and runs very well.