Fender drop Brackets for the wire mount fenders

A lot of people who run the oil in frame bikes have been fitting new modern low profile tires, like the Avon Roadrunners.  By design, this fender had an unusually large air gap pre-engineered by the factory.  

When fitted with a low profile tire, although the handling is nice, the sight of the set up is awkward.  I have designed and built a fender drop bracket that can lower your fender to get the gap looking correct.  

This change is completely reversible by removing the new bracket and remounting the fender with the stock brackets.  The stock brackets are still used with their rubber bushings, so you still have an ISO mounted fender.  Please see the pictures attached for a before and after display.  The price is $30.00, shipped in the U.S.  They can be polished for an additional charge.  These are fresh off the water jet not polished at this price.

Not included in the kit but needs consideration. These brackets have an off set bent into them that presents a surface flush with the original mounting surface but lower. You reuse the stock bolts to mount the bracket and you will need four new screws, nuts and lock washers to reuse the stock pair of pinch brackets in the new lower holes. The stock bolts are long and fine thread. The extra screws I use are 5/8 long 1/4-20 S.S. #2 Phillips head pan screws.  I use an Army/Navy flat washer on the nut side (the outside) and the nut I use is plain steel staked nut. The nuts look normal - Cad plated.  They have a little rectangular punch mark on two sides opposite. They are a deformed nut by design, so using S.S. nuts would guarantee that the fastener would gall and be un-removable. My cost for each set up is about a 1.50 each X four. I like them as they come with the nuts facing out because of the way it blends in with the rest of the bike. But you could polish the brackets and than use S.S. button head socket screws facing out or just copy the stock fender bolts.