Rotor Kit

The rotor that comes with some of the most popular electronic ignition kits is made from steel, and has magnets screwed and glued to the steel.  Some of these have been on bikes for 20 years or more.  As the heat of the motor soaks into the rotor, and the steel and magnets interact over time, the magnets become weakened. Some of these magnets have come off at high RPM.

I have made a new design for this rotor.  The body is made from aluminum, and the magnets used are quarter by quarter neodymium.  These magnets are much stronger than the original magnets.  The aluminum body cools much faster than steel.  These are precision machined on a 5 axis C & C machine.  

When you reinstall this rotor into your machine, you must recheck the timing with a strobe.  It is normal to need to retard the timing by 5 – 10 degrees.  These new rotors seem to breathe new life into your old electronic ignition.  Priced at $55.00 in the lower 48. International, Alaska and Hawaii customers will be invoiced for shipping separately after you have purchased the product.