Fauth Front end kits for BSA's

1966-1969 Dampener tube front ends

BSA dampener tube type front ends seen from 1966-1969 can be tuned up to Dampen much better.

Yes, I remake the valve that mounts on the end of the rod to a new diameter of .413 O. D. I copy the flutes on that Valve. And yes I make a new top bushing for the tube.

The new I.D. of that is .322 the rod is .312 nominal and should not be worn down too far. I use Amco 18 as a material. Because the tube will be hour glass shaped you need to broach it out. You need to make a tool tip for the end of a large slide hammer that is .413 in diameter and force it in and out of the tube. Sometimes as many as three times to get the fit required. Use the mounting bolt to hold on to in the vice.

bsa-dampenerThe tube is weak. Special care when you re-assemble the Dampener tube into the slider, you need a fresh aluminum or brass washer you have to modify a standard one or make it new. (.406 O.D.X.310 I.D.X.040 for the timing side slider X.020 for the drive side slider.) Be sure you get the old one out of the counter bore for the bolt. (Dig them out with a pick.) I use Teflon pipe dope in the threads of the bolt and Teflon tape over that as this can be a nasty leak to cure. I use Halomar lightly on the washer both sides. The drain screw tip is the alignment key and anti-rotate device it need a fresh gasket. Early 1966 drain screws are not quite long enough for this job. It needs to be in place before you place the tube so you feel the tubes key way drop on to the screw tip. As you tighten the screw you should see the dampener tube center itself in the slider. Now another job there are four small holes for oil flow between the bushings pick two across from each other tap them and plug them with 10-32X1/8 long set screws use red loctite. Now re-drill them ½ higher than they were.

You will find that you need to use thinner better oil now and it will leak out easier use care in the build. A15-20 WT. oil is a good starting point. You can always go thicker; changes should be done at least twice a season. Change it more often at first for break in.