Service tool use for belt drive

What ever you do don't get it hot till you get it perfect. The belt will take a set and never run true. You need to build a service tool. The slop in the bearing in the clutch hosing is going to keep you from ever getting it right. You may not find it easy but if you follow this you will get it right.

You need an old clutch housing we like the ones that people toss out the old atlas ones with the rivets in the back there free after all. But any old worn one will do. It will always be a tool from now on.

Push out the old bearing after removing the cir-clip. You will make a solid piece of steel to replace the bearing. Press fit it in there no more need of a cir-clip.

Now here is a tricky part. A machinist has to make an arbor that’s a light press fit into the I.D. of the new solid bearing that can be gripped in a tool called a whirly gig. The face of the clutch basket needs to be side wheel ground to dead straight to the I. D. of the new solid bearing.

Now with that done you press out the arbor and the tools ready to use. Pull your new basket and put the service tool in its place. Use a straight edge on the eight inch diameter that was trued and check with feeler gages to get the main shaft of transmission aligned to the crank pulley. Mark three models have a better lock down system but make sure the bolts holding the transmission are really tight. Then re-check it the move because of past bad alignments that tweak the machined bosses on the trans castings. On the older bikes always use the duel adjusters from clubman racing and others.

I am sorry that it's such a pain making the tool and all but after years of playing we now have dozens of bikes that run with no problems. One tool gets used on many bikes. I have never checked to see if a mark three bearing is the same as the older style so you may need to check that. You do need a snug slip fit onto the main shaft of the transmission for the tool to work right. Hope you know or are a machinist.