2010 Report

Some of the latest projects to come out of the shop in the last year 2010 are our new machined products and servicing and selling some bikes. We also got about 90percent of a 1960 Messerschmitt restored and it's looking good.

For Norton Commando's I have made some very nice new bushings for Norton Commando's out of AMCO15 stock. These are the bushings that screw on top the dampener tubes and the clearance between the Dampener rod and this bushing controls dampening via oil control. So renewing the fit at this critical point can restore the good feel your bike had as new stock. These can be used with or without my fork kits and can be found in the store on the site. Made in a shop that makes jet aircraft parts to high specifications. 


For all bikes using Boyers  I have also made up some aluminum rotors to replace the stock steel rotors for the most popular electronic ignitions used on the Norton and other bikes for 30 years. These new rotors use neodymium magnets much stronger than the original magnets the new aluminum body can shed heat faster than the old steel body. These pieces are machined in a shop that makes jet aircraft parts and are very much more accurately made that the mass produced ones. Magnets when put to heat for many years loose their magnetism and some of these units have come apart at high RPM's with disastrous effects. Kenny Commings had one of these failings and has been using one of my new rotors in his race bike in all his races since Grattan, Michigan this summer. He tests them very hard using constant high RPM's.

Made up some TDC dead stops for our bikes with a 3/16 shank required to miss the valve on the way back from the backward move on the firing stroke.

Full re-wiring and lots of carburetor tuning has past through the shop during the riding season. A 1963 Triumph, 1965 Triumph, 1966 Triumph 1971 Triumph, 1972 Triumph, 1974 triumph triple, and a 1978 Triumph bunch of Triumphs in Flint Also a 1968 Fire Bird Scrambler BSA and a couple of Norton Commando's. A 1969 Puch Twinkle and a 1965 XLCH Sportster. A lot of wiring on the 1960 Messerschmitt with all of its side lights and so on. Just starting a 1955 BSA A-7 and On going work on the 1958 Triumph and the 1974 Trident. We were able to find new homes for the 1968 FBS BSA for 8000 thanks to eBay and the 1965 HD Sportster is going to Japan very soon. Both were great deals for the buyers.

We always have some BSA B-50 projects going on and two are underway now. Then there are the personal bikes always getting shoved back out of the way but not forgotten a 1960 TR6, 1963 BSA Super Rocket and the riders 1972 Norton and the 71 and 72 BSA 650's needing their maintenance.

Hey have good long rides whenever you can using your vintage Iron.