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BSA 1960s Custom


This bike came to me as an ice racer early frame with a late model motor. The frame was gray no body work just the short but stock rear fender of an early bike. The seat had Diamond tuck and buttons it's all redone now. Custom tail light and plate mount added on. Re- sleeved carburetors, new wiring. The right size inlets on old new HD mufflers were mounted with custom brackets. Sold with new tires and paint also did a re-built on the front end. It sold on eBay to a man in AZ.



BSA 1966 650


I bought this bike with six others and it was the best of them. At that time I read the odometer and did not believe it had less than 50 miles. After doing the needed maintenance it may be true - you will check this over I am sure. I am the third owner; the bike was bought in England and still has the dealer sticker on the dampener knob. It’s all fitted up as the home market model.

I have done a number of needed things, but also took care to change as little as possible; they are only original once.

The 19 rear wheel was hit by a dog or cat hard, so a new British chrome rim was fitted. Only S.S. spokes could be found in the crinkle hub form for the 19 inch wheel, and I used the nickel plated brass nipples.

The tank was stock paint with quite a few chips and the side covers had been re-sprayed an off color. I matched the darkest red I could find on the tank and redid the paint as close as I could to the stock job, hand painted stripes and all. The side covers are the new ones made here in Flint, Michigan which are better (stronger) than stock. The tank has been cleaned, etched and treated with POR15 prior to painting. Petcocks have new corks and are all cleaned inside. New fuel lines (the best money can buy) are swaged in place - the old ones were rock like. The mono block carbs were very dirty and full of black gook which may have saved this bike as it is today. They now look and work like new. New needle jets were fitted. New nylon lined throttle cables are hand made.


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BSA 1967


My good friend Dale and I built this bike to his specifications, It has an Ed V motor from the ground up. Dale worked with me in my shop for a year or so doing other projects as we did this bike. He was a very quick study at polishing and became very good at it. About 7000.00 in cash put into the project. Gas tank re-chrome, paint work and wheels the best of exhaust systems gets the bucks up. Dale became too sick to ride it and it sold on eBay for 8000.00 this year the new owner stole it at that price. All that work for free.

It had all the nice bits, oil filter, custom made cables, custom breather system, custom paint work, custom wire harness and head flowing. 


BSA 1968


This was a bike ordered by a man in Colorado and it is built to his own tastes. There were choices made that I would not do for a bike for myself but he is the one paying the bill. Yes that is red powder coat on the frame Satin black with candy red graphics and the tank and side covers Custom made seat, drag style handle bars and exhaust system. Both fenders bobbed 6 inches off the back of the front and the front of the rear.

Re-sleeved Amal carbs and a custom made wire harness. It was  built from the remains of a 1968 Firebird Scrambler. It has Black powder coated rims spokes and nipples. One of a kind paint work on the front brake plates. It’s Very fast and fun to ride. Made for Mountain roads and worked hard. It was built from the ground up in 40 days, lots of long nights.


BSA 1968


 I bought this bike for parts during another restoration. At the end of that job I hadn't taken much from it. I rebuilt the motor and rode it with faded paint for a couple years. It then became time to do the paint work. This one was for me so I went all out with oil filter modification, S.S. fasteners, and front end kits and so on. Just as I was finishing the bike along comes the guy who I bought it from many years ago he had to have it back so it's still near me and I get to tune it once in a while. About the average 9000 dollars went into this one. This one takes some wood a sweet T-Bolt.


BSA 1969


This is a 1969 that was restored here in my shop and sold on eBay it went to Australia and the owner has got some trophies with it. He loves the bike it runs well for him. He has been a good customer to me. I have a few other like this to finish up if you like this one.  


Indian 1958 Custom


I got this bike in a package deal with six others already missing the stock body work. It was a blend of the best parts out there for these motors but took some sorting. I did a ton of drive line work on it new clutch and primary chain, all new rebound rubbers at the clutch center and rear wheel, new clutch center bearings, drive chain and all new wiring. The paint work was made to get the older look of bobbers done in the time frame of when these bikes were the biggest and best out there.

I fitted up new bobbed fenders did a ton of tune up work new tires and it was sold on eBay to a lady in St. Louis  who found it to be just the right size for her she was 5 feet two. I am told it's serving her well.




Norton 1974


The bike was sold off on eBay to a man in Washington State. It was based on the 1974 European Fastbacks. But it had a hand made by Ross Thomson Atlas gas tank and a custom longer seat. Black chrome 1 5/8's inch exhaust system and Doug's Norton's bags. New wheels, spokes and nipples, 520 chain modification all new electric system and a single carburetor with a UFO. A very fast and smooth running bike with a great deal for the buyer as well.



Triumph 1968


A 1968 TR6C this was the second bike done for this customer the first was a 1969 TR6C. This one started in the  ruff with the wrong exhaust system and very rusty frame and wheels. The motor needed cleaning and tuning and a re-sleeve on the carburetor. Maybe you have heard this; "All there needs everything" fit's this bike to a "T".

I was able to smooth the dents in the fenders and save them and the motor was basically sound but the bill was for this work with parts was 10,000 because the rest is all new.  Parts were 6000.00 alone.  Bring a roller and 10,000 and I can help you out too.  That’s how this works if you like a fine O.E.M. show winner bike.  




Triumph 1971 Bonneville


This was a bike done for my webmasters wife. It was owned by her dad (won in a smoking bet) but had sat in a barn for a long time. It came to me not running and needing “everything” but all there and ran when he put it up. I saved all the parts I could and the motor was good but it needed all new rubber parts, paint work, tires, wire harness, clutch plates, rotor, primary and drive chain, and lots of love.

It has my fender drop kit, euro-gators and my front end kit, upgraded brakes, re-sleeved carburetors and so on. It was UPS brown or so when it came to me with deep rust ascents. Looks much nicer in the California color combo hoping you all think so. These 71-72 bikes are under valued and great riders.