Triumph 1971 Bonneville


This was a bike done for my webmasters wife. It was owned by her dad (won in a smoking bet) but had sat in a barn for a long time. It came to me not running and needing “everything” but all there and ran when he put it up. I saved all the parts I could and the motor was good but it needed all new rubber parts, paint work, tires, wire harness, clutch plates, rotor, primary and drive chain, and lots of love.

It has my fender drop kit, euro-gators and my front end kit, upgraded brakes, re-sleeved carburetors and so on. It was UPS brown or so when it came to me with deep rust ascents. Looks much nicer in the California color combo hoping you all think so. These 71-72 bikes are under valued and great riders.