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Help Support Decent Cycles Website $5.00
Help Support Decent Cycles Website

We are just getting started with Decent Cycles but we plan on adding more information and how to in the next few months. If you find Decent Cycles useful please consider donating. Your contribution will help keep this site alive and kicking.
 Boyer Repair Kit $20.00
Boyer Repair Kit

Kit contains two new leads three inches long. This kit keeps you from running to a number of hardware and auto parts stores and figuring sizes and shapes it's just a time saver.

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Dampener Caps for Commandos $30.00
Dampener Caps for Commandos

These are made on a C&C lathe in an aircraft shop to high tolerances. AMCO 15 has high wear resistance and is a step up from any material they are made with today. A pair of these will restore your stock set up giving renewed rebound oil dampening and can be used with my kits. Good for steel or aluminum dampener rods. Stock part# was 06-1347
 Dampener improvement kit for BSA's 1966-1968 $300.00
Dampener improvement kit for BSA's 1966-1968

Your front end will have new Dampener valves installed and some modifications done to the fork legs as well.The modified Dampener tube will be installed in your sliders. Requires shipping your parts to me. Price includes labor and parts

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Note: Does not include new fork bushings,seals or slider work although I can do this with your instruction for a fee. Contact me for more info:
Fender drop Brackets for the wire mount fenders $30.00
Fender drop Brackets for the wire mount fenders

A lot of people who run the oil in frame bikes have been fitting new modern low profile tires, like the Avon Roadrunners. By design, this fender had an unusually large air gap pre-engineered by the factory.

When fitted with a low profile tire the sight of the set up is awkward. I have designed and built a fender drop bracket that can lower your fender to get the gap looking correct. Please see the pictures attached for a before and after display. The price is $30.00, shipped in the U.S. They can be polished for an additional charge.

Read more: Fender Drop Brackets
SOLD OUT - Fork travel improvement kit - Standard (Norton Roadholders) $90.00
SOLD OUT - Fork travel improvement kit - Standard (Norton Roadholders)

SOLD OUT - Takes your stock bike from 4 1/2 travel to 6 inches of travel. Some do it yourself skills required. Also improves the dampening action. You do your own work, I have made the parts needed in this kit.

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Norton Fly Wrench $30.00
Norton Fly Wrench

Exhaust wrench for the road or home shop fits 750 and 850 Norton Commando’s. It is water jetted out of mild steel than carburized and hardened with a black oxide finish. This way the price is 30.00 shipped in the U.S. Email me for other off continent shipping quotes.
This one will fit into a tool bag better to borrow a ½ breaker bar than use a rock and a punch and or screwdriver. Be the hero in your group of Norton riders. Get yours today.
Three relay kit for positive earth Bikes $90.00
Three relay kit for positive earth Bikes

These kits are custom made to fit Triumphs, Norton's and BSA's that are retrofitted with H-4 headlights. Relays keep the voltage demand on the switches very minimal. The third relay is normally used for the horn.
Rotor Kit $55.00
Rotor Kit

The rotor that comes with some of the most popular electronic ignition kits is made from steel, and has magnets screwed and glued to the steel.  Some of these have been on bikes for 20 years or more.  As the heat of the motor soaks into the rotor, and the steel and magnets interact over time, the magnets become weakened. Some of these magnets have come off at high RPM. 

I have made a new design for this rotor.  The body is made from aluminum, and the magnets used are quarter by quarter neodymium.  These magnets are much stronger than the original magnets.  The aluminum body cools much faster than steel.  These are precision machined on a 5 axis C & C machine.

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Tri Spark Gaskets $6.00
Tri Spark Gaskets

Many Norton owners have started using Steve Kelly's Tri-Spark ignition system. They do seem to run our bikes well. With the brain box right in the points chamber, engine heat, although allowed for in the design, could be reduced to some degree with the use of a heat insulating gasket which would keep the points cover cooler than normal. I have made such a gasket and will sell it for $6.00. It is made of a product used just for this purpose - 1/32” thick and black in color. These gaskets are Laser cut because of the toughness and hardness of the material.

We are temporarily out of stock. Please Email me so that I can notify you when the new batch is complete and ready to order.
TDC Tools $25.00
TDC Tools

This tool is made from an old spark plug core. I have drilled and tapped the inside of the core and added a 3/8 pin. The end of the pin is radiused where it contacts the piston. The tool has an air escape hole. The tool is used in conjunction with a degree wheel to locate TDC with total accuracy. The use of the tool is described in my "how-to" section of my web site. Tool is $25.00, with shipping and handling in the lower 48.

Washer Kits $18.00
Washer Kits

These are made for BSA bikes that use fiberglass side covers (1965 – 1970).

 These covers are held on by Dzus fasteners. Because the bike's vibration shakes the fasteners against paintwork, it causes them to dig in damaging the paintwork.

Much of this damage can be prevented by the use of a simple thin Delron washer. I make these by hand for all my bikes, and can provide a set of four for your bike for $18.00 delivered in the lower 48. 

Washer Kits for Indicator Lights $10.00
Washer Kits for Indicator Lights

These are the very thin and small weather proof type washer, used under the bezel of the instrument light to seal the hole from rainwater entering the headlight.

I make these by hand, because I've never liked the fit of the ones obtained from my dealers. Sold in sets of three, for $10.00 in the lower 48.

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